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why not look here There has been a lot a foot in the CWR camp. We have been working hard on new material for an upcoming release! Hella Sick! We are set to get back into the studio with Willie again in early September. We are going in with 6 or so songs and are very excited to tell you our friend Danny from Jabber (probably the best band in the Bay Area right now), will be lending her voice for a song or two.  Other than that all we can say is that we are PUMPED to get new stuff out. Especially material with our newest old member Chris and our dearest friend Danny. We have a bunch of rad shows coming up with another tour already in the works. And to top it all off we finally have our website up and running again! Thank goodness! Stay tuned for more news in the news Homies!

indulekha price in nepal – CWR


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